Monday, December 8, 2014

Team National Reveals Our Latest Product: TN Organic Coffee

After a lot of guessing and anticipation, Team National has finally revealed our latest product and we could not be more excited. We are proud to announce that TN Organic Coffee has been added to our collection of products. Our organic coffee is both Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade and comes in medium-dark, as well as, light-medium roast. You also have the opportunity to order a mix pack that includes one of each roast.

Our medium-dark roast is a distinctive blend that combines beans with different profiles from growing regions throughout South and Central America. This perfect complement of tastes provides deeper complexities and nuances in the cup than any single variety of beans. It is harvested from December through March to create a brew with a perfect balance of muted dark chocolate and a lingering, clean sweet finish.

Our light-medium roast is an exclusive blend of beans from distinctive plantations in Peru and Guatemala, this world-class specialty grade coffee is shade-grown to assist in the conservation of our global environment. Harvested from December through April to brew a coffee that is both gentle and bright, with balanced acidity and a pleasingly sweet chocolate note.

What better way to start your morning than having a delicious cup of our TN Organic Coffee to keep you energized and alert? You can purchase your TN Organic coffee now by logging into and going to the products and marketing tab. With the holidays around the corner, now is the time to purchase your TN Organic Coffee and share this great tasting coffee with your family!

Team National is a coast-to-coast, multi-million dollar direct selling company with a unique opportunity to save and earn money. There are approximately 369,300 members and independent marketing directors with hundreds of thousands of customers all around the US. Led by President and CEO Angela Chrysler, Team National provides businesses and families with value and factory direct pricing in home furnishings and more. In addition, the company offers an industry leading compensation program for those that choose to market memberships. To learn more about the Team National opportunity, visit

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