Monday, October 7, 2013

Team National President & CEO Angela Loehr Chrysler Connects on Capitol Hill

DAVIE, FL - Team National President & CEO Angela Loehr Chrysler recently attended an exclusive trip to Washington, D.C. for a special direct selling event on Capitol Hill. This annual Direct Selling Association (DSA) event provided a unique opportunity for industry executives to share their knowledge and perspective with Congressional and Senate offices regarding the direct selling industry and specifically, how it impacts the US. There are 16 million direct sellers in the US, generating $30 billion in sales. A majority of Americans, approximately 74%, have purchased from a direct seller before. 

This year’s event included a “Day on the Hill” which followed a women’s leadership retreat that is invitation-only, where ladies connect and communicate with one another on what is going on in their companies. This elite group of 21 women met with Congressional and Senate staff about the role of the direct selling industry and the impact it has in America. There was open discussion on the topic of what’s keeping you up at night and how to overcome it. Then, Angela shared with several lawmakers what Team National’s Independent Marketing Directors (IMDs) are saying via social media. Comments received on Team National’s Facebook page for example, mentioned that direct sales and Team National are helping them make ends meet and in other cases they’re even earning extra income and having additional choices, including time freedom. Other Team National IMDs comments were that with their new found time freedom, their kids can participate in extracurricular activities or even bring mom home.

During a luncheon, all executives agreed that being on the Hill is an energizing and powerful feeling. In the legislators’ offices, you can already get a sense of pride they have for what they do as lawmakers.

“I was honored and proud to represent Team National and the industry. As an American, I had a lot of pride simply being there to give my input. Washington, D.C. is such a hustle and bustle environment and reminded me that we are in the greatest country in the world,” says Chrysler.

About Team National

Team National is a coast-to-coast, multi-million dollar direct selling company with a unique opportunity to both save and earn money. There are approximately 369,300 Independent Marketing Directors and hundreds of thousands of customers all around the US. TN has been featured in four issues of Success from Home magazine.

Team National President & CEO Angela Chrysler has been recognized among the elite Top 100 Outstanding Women in Broward County, FL. Team National has been named in the Direct Selling News Top 100 Global Direct Selling companies.

To learn more about Team National, visit or check out Living Team National at and see that TN's strength is the passion in their people.


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