Monday, April 1, 2013

Team National's Factory Direct Division Will Increase Offerings This Tax Season

DAVIE, FL--(Marketwire - March 20, 2013) - Many homeowners are often faced with the increasing costs associated with home improvement projects. Team National recognizes consumer needs for stretching their dollars and has worked diligently to bring you these savings, putting in extra efforts this tax season to improve offerings to consumers direct from the manufacturers in their Team National Factory Direct (TNFD) furniture division.

TNFD's new and improved website showcases the increased number of vendors, and has added over 400 new items in conjunction with its current list of manufacturers. Factory Direct's new website also features a product and vendor of the month! This feature offers prices which are even better than the already discounted member TNFD pricing.

"The website is only the beginning. We are continuously working to increase efficacy of the website and extending the savings as effortlessly as possible to the consumer," according to Chris Ramcharitar, Director of TNFD.

Team National, is a US Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau affiliated company, located in South Florida. Founded by Dick Loehr, a former Ford Drag Racer, in 1997, Team National has since grown into a leading national company that provides key benefits and services, also coined "membership savings," to American consumers. These membership services allow members to enjoy discounts and savings that usually reserved for Fortune 500 companies and are also geared to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit in the United States, particularly given recent economic challenges faced by many businesses, by providing the needed vehicles for businesses, no matter how large or small, to prosper and grow through increased savings.

For more information on the Team National Factory Direct website, please visit Team National Factory Direct for all of your Home Improvement needs and savings, and the feature product and vendor of the month!

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