Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Team National Offers Its Sales Field a Slam Dunk & a Voyage

DAVIE, FL---Team National’s current promo, Cruise Madness - It's a Slam Dunk, has increased their sales field's momentum to an all-time high.  Winners and their guests, will enjoy a seafaring adventure aboard the Majesty of the Seas, one of the Royal Caribbean’s largest and luxurious cruise ships.   Along with Team National President and CEO, Angela Loehr Chrysler and the TN Executive Team, top Team National sales leaders, promo winners will enjoy a special cruise to the Bahamas and $500 in spending money.  This soothing voyage will also be an elite opportunity to spend quality time with motivational IMDs and Team National leaders to discuss effective strategies to move businesses forward and in the direction of success and growth. 

The Team National nautical adventure to the Bahamas will be from November 4 to the 8, after a Bon Voyage Party on November 3.   To see some of the exciting events and activities of the Team National nautical adventure from the 2012 cruise recap video along with full details go to bign.com and see the promotional page.  Previous winners of the 12 to Go cruise promos are also eligible to participate in this leg of our cruise promo and will receive an additional $500 in spending money.  The contest dates run from March 22nd - April 19th, 2013.   Additional questions, media related inquiries or contest rules are also available on the Cruise Madness - It's a Slam Dunk promotional page.

Team National, is a US Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau affiliated company, located in South Florida.  Founded by Dick Loehr, a former Ford Drag Racer, in 1997, Team National has since grown into a leading national company that provides key benefits and services, also coined “membership savings”, to American consumers.  These membership services allow members to enjoy sizeable discounts and savings.  These membership services are also geared to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial sprit in the United States, particularly given recent economic challenges faced by many businesses, by providing the needed vehicles for businesses, no matter how large or small, to prosper and grow through increased savings.


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